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Here are some sites worth checking out, divided into these categories:

My wife Rocio with Colombian links
1) Artistsí sites whose work I admire:
     Hackman Abrams  This is my father's current and past work as a graphic designer and print maker. He currently resides in upstate New York, whose landscape is reflected in his latest prints.
     Ibrahim Ghazala  This is an Egyptian artist who does beautiful landscapes and exotic locales.
     Mark Ulriksen  I love this guy. You've probably seen his portrait work in the New Yorker or other magazines. He's wonderful.
     Stanley Coll  This is a naive style Puerto Rican painter I stumbled across on the internet. He really captures the sweat and color of a night out in Latin America.
     James Janknegt  is a Texas artist who does colorful allegorical paintings with everyday themes set in the modern age.

2) Friends' and family sites that are absolutely worth checking out:
     Pigskin Cardball  This is a football game that you play with cards. It's a ton of fun and, besides, my dad invented it.
     Amy and Ben   Look how cute little Beatty is!
     Kent Foster   I've known Kent for years - he travels the world and dispenses advice on where to stay, what to do, and what adventures to maybe avoid. Kent made this web site so kudos or complaints should go his way.
     OSS Society   My old friend Charlie Pinck is the President of this group dedicated to those who served in the Office of Strategic Services - the pre-cursor to the CIA. Charlie's dad Dan Pinck was a charter member serving undercover in China in WWII. You can find his book "Journey to Peking" on Amazon.
     HIP TV   Tour the Coolest Production Company in All the Land!

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